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The weight of roots (on average) one tree in the most rare cultures in 6-7 times more the weight of roots of a tree in the most dense cultures. At change of density with 5 to 10 thousand the weight of roots decreases by 1 hectare more than twice. Further reduction of weight of roots with growth of density goes more smoothly.

Influence of density of landing to growth and processes of differentiation of trees in cultures are covered in V.P. Timofeev's works (195, P. S. Kondratyev (195, G.R. Eytingena (191 and many others, but unfortunately detailed characteristics of bioproductional process of cultures of various density are not provided in these works.

Sanitary cabins - the lesovodstvenny event held in plantings of an unsatisfactory sanitary state by cutting down of the certain patients damaged, who are drying out, the dried-out trees or all drying-out (lost) forest stand.

Search of ways of increase of efficiency of the northern woods is a nodal problem of a taiga lesovedeniye. In difficult climatic conditions of the European northeast the knowledge of biological features of growth and development of the main forest forming breeds will have key value at drainage and fertilizer of the woods or creation of strong forest seed base on a selection and genetic basis.

Acceleration of growth of plantings by the correct selection and placement of tree species taking into account forest vegetation conditions and natural properties of the grown-up tree species. When forming plantings the preference has to be given, as a rule, to the mixed forest stands.

Now it is developed and a number of the measures reducing damageability of pine cultures cockchafers is applied. First of all fight against cockchafers chemical means belongs to such measures: an opylivaniye of plantings during summer of cockchafers, zatravlivany soils geksakhlorany at its processing, during the landing and care of cultures, dusting of roots of saplings when landing.

The technique is as follows: on trial squares it is carried out continuous recouples of trees on the steps of thickness of the same name. Measurement of diameters of trunks is taken in two directions – the North-South, the West-East.

The wood - set of wood, shrubby, grassy and other plants, and also the animals and microorganisms which are biologically interconnected in the development and influencing at each other and environment. The concept "wood" is used also for designation of an element of a geographical landscape, a raw resource or object of maintaining forestry.