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However and in China in process of development of class fight and growth of property differentiation in a community there was a process of allocation of the person as individual; it gradually became a subject of reflection of philosophers.

"Function of the sky" is a natural process of emergence and development of things which entrance also the person is born. Xun-tszy considers the person as sochstavny part of the nature - the sky and its sense organs, feelings and soul of the person calls "heavenly", that is natural. The person and his soul are result of natural development of the nature.

Confucianism expressing mainly interests of a nobility which domination fell into decay was exposed to serious blows from "new rich men" from among prosperous obshchinnik, merchants etc.

Representations of unfortunate and oppressed mass of chzhousky society are reflected in the utopian concept Xu of Xing. Their value consisted that they undermined Confucianism doctrines about firmness and justice of a public order in Celestial Empire.