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Carry to group of kserofit also succulents – plants with juicy leaves or stalks. Distinguish sheet succulents (agaves, an aloe) and stem at which leaves are reduced, and land parts are presented by fleshy stalks (cactuses, some euphorbias).

The main way of overcoming of droughty conditions at succulents – accumulation of large reserves of water in fabrics and its extremely economical expenditure. In the conditions of roast and an arid climate all water stock could be quickly dissipated, but plants have the defensors directed to reduction of a transpiration. One of them – a peculiar form of elevated parts of succulents. In addition to it at many succulents the surface is protected by a wax raid omission though there are also succulents with the thin not protected epidermis. Ustyitsa are very not numerous, often shipped in fabric of a leaf or stalk. In the afternoon of ustiyets are usually closed, and loss of water goes generally through integumentary fabrics.

Their ability to have deep dehydration of fabrics without loss of viability and ability of recovery of the normal content of water in a plant at renewal of favorable conditions is of great importance for a survival of kserofit at a sharp lack of moisture. Kserofita about 75% of all water stock are capable to lose and, nevertheless, to remain live. In this regard desert plants which dry to the state close to air chilly in the summer are a striking example, and fall into anabiosis, but after rains resume growth and development.

At other types root systems of intensive type: they cover rather small volume of the soil, but thanks to very dense branching as much as possible use soil moisture. Roots of a number of kserofilny types have special adaptations for moisture storage. Elevated bodies of kserofit also differ peculiar (so-called kseromorfny lines) which carry a print of difficult conditions of water supply. They strongly developed the water carrying out system that is well noticeable by density of a network of veins in the leaves bringing water to fabrics. This line facilitates to kserofita replenishment of reserves of the moisture spent for a transpiration.

On many features of structure and physiology are close to plant kserofita which for one reason or another lack for moisture, interfaced to action of low temperatures. Sometimes such types as special division include in group of kserofit, sometimes allocate in independent ecological types – psikhrofita and kriofita.