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With high efficiency (for 30 — 50%) slags can be used in quality ­ for concrete instead of the crushed stone received from natural raw materials. Specific capital investments in production of cast slag crushed stone are 2 — 3 times less, than crushed stone from rocks, slag pumice is 1,5 — 2 times less, than expanded clay, mineral-cotton from fiery liquid slags is 1,6 times less, than products from rocks.

In the solution of this problem such tasks, as are important: implementation of development and implementation of the comprehensive territorial program of utilization and rational use of waste, their safe neutralization, accumulation and warehousing.

This paper is devoted to a problem of utilization and processing of industrial wastes. This problem has global character, as caused its importance. Practically any industrial product "begins" with the raw materials got from a subsoil of the planet or growing by its surfaces. On the way to the industrial enterprises something loses raw materials, the part it turns into waste.

So, as it was already told above, many waste (wood, glass, paper, rubber, tanning, polymeric, luminescent lamps, galvanoshlama, the fulfilled acids and alkalis) can be used in production of construction materials.

On the basis of synthesis of domestic and achievements the following control system of rational use of material resources (KS URIR) can be accepted. Its purpose - continuous development of resource-saving methods of managing. KS URIR component - a complex control system of use of secondary raw materials.