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In work of the head there are a lot of attractive parties: it gives great opportunities for development of the personality, gives to the person advantage, is fascinating and fascinating. The manager should solve often the most difficult problems in the conditions of critical situations and uncertain prospects.

simply the person having high knowledge and abilities, culture level, honesty, determination of character and at the same time judiciousness capable to be in every respect a sample for people around.

Production management is exercised according to the experience which is saved up by employees of the company at implementation of similar projects in the North Sea and on the shelf of Alaska. Departments of Production management will be consistently completed during a stage of construction and will be ready to the effective management of objects in process of their commissioning. Production management takes active part at all stages of construction, including drawing up the working draft, construction, installation of devices and pipelines and commissioning.

The Sakhalin Energy company considers shots the main property. Following this principle, the company realizes programs of providing safety measures and training of the personnel; the company is guided by the same principle and in the organization of production.

Valuable orientations are also of great importance. Generally speaking, those who achieve success, imeet the valuable orientations connected with innovations, changes, development, self-improvement, official duties, responsibility and influence

For the analysis of a problem of personnel structure managers constantly receive information: about costs of selection and placement of personnel; about the modern level of turnover of staff; about the predicted need for shots of various professions.

Young workers are actively recruited in adoption of administrative decisions, and also trained at the expense of the company for the purpose of further increase in positions and advances up a scale of ranks.

The authoritative: primary use of command methods of management, orientations to a task or to itself, centralization of powers, suppression of an initiative, rigid control, high opinion on itself, imposing of the will, the minimum informing, small publicity, preference to punishments, elimination objectionable, intolerance to criticism, roughness, tactlessness, unevenness;

The words "manager" and "management" were used in English last century, but only to the second quarter of the XX century they gradually start gaining a certain value according to which, the manager is the person organizing concrete work, being guided by modern methods.

Check, the analysis, calculations and processing of documents, acquaintance with the approved methods and forms, maintaining files, records, accounts, preparation of planned schedules and reports, identification and correction of mistakes and divergences, drawing up information and statistics, support in carrying out target researches