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If on production it is impossible to reduce the level of intensity of noise and ultrasound to admissible values, ­ use of means of protection - antinoise, rubber gloves with laying, etc.

The ultrasound has the main thing local action on an organism as it is transferred at direct contact with the tool, details or where fluctuations are excited. The ultrasonic generated by the low-frequency industrial equipment have impact on a human body. Long influence of the ultrasound extending in the air way causes changes of, cardiovascular and systems, acoustical and analyzers. is characteristic vegetososudisty dystonia and an asthenic syndrome.

Development of technology and transportna) means, improvement of processes and an are followed power and dimensions of cars that causes a tendency of a low-frequency in ranges and emergence of an which is rather new, not completely studied factor of the production environment.

Admissible levels ­ pressure are 105 dB in octava strips 2, 4, 8, 16 Hz and 102 dB in an octava strip of 31,5 Hz. Thus the general level ­ pressure should not exceed 110 dB of Lin.

placement of the equipment in the soundproofed rooms or offices with a remote ; the equipment of the devices, casings, from sheet steel or a covered with rubber, antinoise mastic and other.

At action of a local there are phenomena of polyneuritis of hands (more rare but different degree of expressiveness, up to development of paresis of brushes and forearms, vegetative ­ dysfunctions.

Under production conditions of noise are machines and mechanisms, the manual mechanized tools, electrical machines,, a forge and press, hoisting-and-transport, auxiliary (ventilating, conditioners), etc.

it has to be given to cars of big rigidity as in designs with flat surfaces of the big area and small rigidity are created an for generation of an infrasound. In a source of emergence it is necessary to combat an infrasound in the direction of change of an operating mode of a technological - increase in its (for example, increase in a of the working courses of forge and press cars that the main of following of power impulses lay outside infrasonic range.

Sanitary : the equipment of workplaces exhaust ventilation or figurative local suctions, shelter of the equipment continuous dustproof casings with effective aspiration of air, etc.

Ultrasound call fluctuations of an elastic with a frequency exceeding the top limit of the audibility of-20 kHz. The unit of measure of level of sound pressure dB. The unit of measure of intensity of ultrasound watt on a square (W / see.

Application of sound-absorbing facings for finishing of a ceiling and walls of noisy rooms leads to change of a range of noise in a of lower frequencies, what even at rather small of level significantly working conditions.

The production infrasound arises due to the same processes as noise of the heard frequencies. The greatest intensity of infrasonic fluctuations is created by the machines and mechanisms having the surfaces of the big sizes making low-frequency mechanically! fluctuations (infrasound of a mechanical origin) or turbulent streams of gases and liquids (infrasound aerodynamic silt! hydrodynamic origin).